Pricing and Payment


Pricing is current for all litters going HOME in 2021.  Meaning…..if you place a deposit on a breeding happening in October 2020, your puppy is born in December 2020,  and your puppy goes home in February 2021, your pup will fall under our updated pricing for 2021, which is $2300 for AKC limited reg.  

*This being said, if you got bumped to a 2021 litter by circumstances out of your control, such as we could not provide a puppy in 2020 but you placed your deposit for a 2020 litter, please remind us of such, to make sure your pricing is correct. 🙂 



Price: $2300
Reservation/Deposit Fee: $500

*Please note, the customer is responsible for all CC/transaction fees when paying reservation/deposits as well as final puppy payments.  This can be avoided by paying via Venmo which doesn’t charge fees.



ALL reservations/deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  They are transferable to different litters, even years in the future.  They must be retained by the original purchaser. We have to be very firm on this policy.  Please, be aware that your reservation holding fee cannot be refunded, in any circumstance, before you have placed it. Our Health Guarantee/Puppy Purchase Agreement is available for viewing under the Nutrition tab, before you have placed a reservation as well, for the full terms of our agreement.  Thank you for your understanding!

**Please contact us to speak further about obtaining full AKC registration.  All listed prices are Limited AKC Registration. **  (Full Registration is given on a case by case basis, and only released when all health testing is completed)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Here’s one of my favorite pictures of our girl, Tallac, from Flurry/Ryder’s January 2016 litter. She’s smart, sweet, spunky, and fearless with all the golden love you’d expect from the breed. We take this girl everywhere. The challenge is to get her home – she is loved by everyone she meets. This is a certain “look” to Denzil’s Goldens certainly. More importantly, there is health and a quality of character and spirit that make these the best dogs on the planet.” Harriette Rasmussen

Owner, Tallac

“I love to boast about my Molly (Brandy and Ryder, 3/2012) She is resting after visiting with the residents at Life Care. I got Molly from Denzil’s Goldens for the purpose of working as a therapy team and we both love it so much. Cory is so loving with all his girls and guy. I will always be thankful to Cory for producing such a fantastic dog as Molly is. Thank you Cory!” Carol Cook

Owner, Mollly

“From the beginning… we told Cory and Lauren our story of losing our Sweet Emma Rose to a very aggressive form of cancer (she was not from Denzil’s) this past January. It broke our hearts and we didn’t know how to go on with life without her! We knew we needed another Golden Girl. Not just from the sake of our empty loss, but our other Sweet Golden Girl, Bella June. She has struggled the most these past few months without her best friend!! We put our deposit down eons ago. I kept checking in regularly. They were always very responsive, especially in light of everyhing they had going on with their pups, cattle, family, etc. Once she was born… I asked waaayyyy to many questions. Afterall its been 7 years since we had a puppy and I was just a wee bit excited!! We visited a few weeks ago and picked her out. We FINALLY brought her home this past Saturday, expecting Bella Girl to welcome her immediately, but oh my gosh…she wouldn’t leave Sweet Reagan Liberty alone!! My little boy (age 3), Lincoln, calls Reagan his bestfriend and his other baby girl. Bella of course being the other!! We received the full care package, full pedigree, welcome to visit their home and family, etc. Always responsive. We, as a family, definitely recommend them!! And last thing, we think it’s awesome what they are doing with companion pups!! Well done!!” Shannon Tilley-Seymour

Owner, Reagan Liberty

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my deposit?
We accept deposits electronically via Paypal, as well as Square.  We also accept personal checks, money orders and cashier checks via the mail or in person.  In addition, cash is acceptable if paid in person.  We encourage personal checks or PayPal, as that allows you a copy for your records.   Please do always check with us before sending any type of deposit, and be sure to view our Puppy Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee prior to sending!

What is your deposit refund policy?
We are unable to refund deposits.  Your deposit is transferable to a different litter any time in the future. Unfortunately, experience has taught us we have to be firm with this policy.  The ONLY time we will refund a deposit is if we are unable to provide a puppy of the gender requested from the litter the deposit was placed on.  We are always happy to move deposits to other litters etc!  You may view our Puppy Purchase Agreement which includes our deposit policy, here on our website under the Health Guarantee Tab before placing your deposit.  Please consider this policy BEFORE placing your deposit:)  Please do always check with us before sending any type of deposit, and be sure to read through the Puppy Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee under the specific Health Guarantee Tab as a deposit sent does imply consent to that agreement, as stated in our Puppy Purchase Agreement.  We appreciate your attention to this matter, as clear understanding of our deposit policy does prevent misunderstandings in the future! 🙂 
What does my puppy come with?
Your puppy will come freshly bathed, with a small blanket smelling like mama.    You will receive a packet of paperwork which includes AKC registration, your puppy’s pedigree, their parent’s health clearances, proof of vaccination and worming, and tips and training ideas for your first days home.  We now offer complimentary microchipping as a service! Your puppy will come with their dew claws removed, extremely well socialized, exposed to our small children, and our other dogs.  Also, we are super excited that each of our pups are going home on AWESOME nutrition, Life’s Abundance.  We have researched so much and finally found a 5 star food each of our dogs is doing great on.  Each puppy is checked over thoroughly shortly before pickup by our vet, Cody Ames, at Tonasket Veterinary Service, so that you and we both know you are getting a 100% healthy dog.  You will receive a copy of your 3 year health guarantee, which guarantees against hip, heart, eye and cardiac defects for the first 3 years of life among other things.  Your puppy packet includes copies of health certs for dam and sire, pedigrees, puppy tips, training ideas, 30 days of health insurance and more!  We always find fun things for puppy packets including stuffed animals, kongs, pictures of mom and dad and more.  It is super special and fun for us to put them together, thinking of the new families that get to enjoy these precious pups <3!
What do you feed your dogs?
We feed our adult dogs Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Premium Dog Food and a wellness supplement.  We feed our puppies and pregnant mamas Life’s Abundance  All Life Stages Premium Dog Food or All Life Stages Premium Dog Food (Grain Free), depending on their needs at the time, including a wellness supplement daily.  Many of our dogs also get other Life’s Abundance supplements(The Agility one is amazing!) as well as their different treats daily.  We love the Porky Puffs and Bully Sticks, as well as the Turkey and Berry Chewies.   It is crucial for large breed puppies to receive the appropriate food to support their rapidly growing bodies and joints!  We have tried virtually every premium dog food out there, and researched many, and feel that our dogs do the best on this food.  We feel SO strongly about this, knowing the correlation between both genetics and excellent nutrition, we now offer a THREE year genetic health guarantee for pups that stay on Life’s Abundance feeding program.  Our breeding females diets are supplemented during pregnancy and nursing pups with healthy snacks and treats such as raw eggs and our home grown beef, as well as plain whole fat yogurt  and cottage cheese mixed in their food.  Depending on which gal, they also get food items such as carrots and blueberries;)  Each of our dogs has their fave food item! They love it!  
What does a typical day look like for your dogs?
Our dogs roam freely in our lush green pasture behind our house.  They often come into our large yard to play with our three small children as they run through the sprinkler or swing on their wooden play structure.  They all LOVE to retrieve, so multiple times a day you can find us out in the pasture with tennis rackets and balls, hitting them for the dogs. We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful recreational area, so our dogs enjoy hiking with us, going to lake and swimming, even riding with us as we paddle board!  In the evenings we have about three to four dogs( or five…hah) in the house, happily laying on the cool wood floors in the summer, or on a rug next to the wood stove in the winter.  We rotate our pups in and out of the house year round.  When they’re not inside, they sleep in our covered kennels, or in their dog houses.  Our children love the animals, so you can often find a dog, or three by their side.  Often times we will wake up in the morning to find a dog guarding their bedroom doorways as they’ve slept.  Our dogs truly are part of the family, and are always treated as such. 


If we didn’t answer all your questions, please feel free to contact us via phone, text or email at any time!