Interested in joining the Denzil’s Golden Family as a Guardian Home?

Guess What........

We have puppies coming SOOOOON…..that we are looking for guardian homes for!  Hint hint!  If you’re interested in being considered please fill out the application below!

We here at Denzil’s Goldens strongly believe every dog should be raised in a wonderful, loving, family home.  In order to give OUR breeding dogs the very best life possible,  we’ve decided it is important to limit how many dogs we personally keep, house, love, etc…. BUT also we also understand in order to breed the highest quality dogs which is extremely important to us, we also needed to keep, evaluate, and ADD quality bloodlines to our breeding program. So, how does this continue to be possible?  How can we continue to add to our sweet Denzil’s family but give each Golden, the best life they deserve?

For us and many like us the answer was our Guardian Program.

Our Guardian Dog program has allowed us and other dog breeders like us to expand our dog breeding program with integrity, good ethics, proper health clearances, and equally importantly, our sweet Goldens being raised in family homes like each one deserves.  We also have talked very much about how much our children have learned about dogs, caring for them during pregnancy, the responsibility, and we think it’s pretty neat to be able to share that with other families like ours through our Guardian Dog Program. 


First, as you may guess, as a Guardian home, you get a free puppy!  The dog stays with you as your family dog for the life of the dog and we retain breeding rights for a certain amount of litters starting at sexual maturity and ending once the female has whelped a set amount of litters.. each guardian dog contract is unique but it is typically between 1 and 4 litters depending on what we’re trying to accomplish with that particular female and how well she reacts to being a mama. Each contract is unique.  We want what is best for your family, our family, and the dog. 

Our guardians are responsible for the dog’s regular health maintenance: annual exams, vaccines, food, etc. We pay for genetic health testing required for breeding, and all breeding related expenses. Once the dog has passed their genetic health testing she/he is added to our breeding program. We decide when she will be bred and to whom she will be bred too.  She stays with her guardian family during her pregnancy (63 days)) and then is returned to us approx. 1 week before her due date to deliver (whelp) and then raise her puppies (8 weeks). Once her puppies are weaned then she’s returned to her guardian family.  Weaning occurs at 5 weeks or so, but the female often times stays with us until about 7 weeks. 

We provide our guardian families with a monetary litter gift per litter their female guardian dog whelps. This is not the case with our male guardian dogs.

When the dog is older and completes his/her breeding obligations, we pay for spay/neuter and your dog comes home to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for him/her since puppyhood. Females in guardian homes may have up to four litters (minimum of three) prior to being spayed, usually by their 4th birthday.

There are many things that Guardian families need to consider. Guardians of females sometimes have to deal with several heat cycles and keeping their girl protected from unwanted males. The Guardian family will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding. 

 We Are Looking for Local Families!

We’re looking for local families with dog experience….you don’t necessarily have to live SUPER close to us…as many of you know, we live rurally in WA State.  Guardian families are responsible for transporting their puppy for breeding and whelping.  It is up to you, if you are willing to travel to our Denzil’s farms! <3

To be a Guardian Home……

  • Guardians must have previous dog experience.
  • Guardians must own and live in a home with a fully fenced yard.
  • Guardians must keep the dog on a leash or in a fenced area, especially during heat cycles!
  • Guardians must be willing to train the dog the very basic obedience commands (off, down, sit, back, leave it, crate), and preferably more.
  • Guardians must ensure the puppy is socialized to adults, children and other animals – this is very important. 
  • Guardians must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed.  
  • Guardians must feed the dog a diet specified by the breeder, we currently are feeding Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food. 
  • Guardians must be able and willing to identify and notify us immediately when a female begins her heat cycle.
  • Guardians must not allow a female in heat near intact males.
  • Guardians must not allow a male guardian to breed with unapproved females.
  • Guardians must live within a reasonable driving distance from Oroville, WA, and be willing to drive to our area. 
  • Guardians must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, mating, whelping, and other breeding related activities.  


We are SO excited about our Guardian program beginning. We have such amazing customers, and we are very excited to see the potential of what can come from our Guardian homes.  Our dogs all deserve amazing lives, and we can’t wait to see what is to come for Denzil’s Goldens!

If you’re interested in becoming a Guardian home, please fill out our Guardian Home Application by clicking HERE!  

Your application will be saved and when a female or male (depending on preference specified) becomes available, you will be contacted, based on the suitability of your home.