Meet Our Family

Cory Hailey

Meet Cory, who began this great breeding program in 2002.  He has always had a passion for the breed since his childhood Golden Retriever named Paula, and loves each and every dog we are lucky enough to call ours.  You will usually find him working outside on our five acres, playing with the dogs, taking care of our cows and pigs, or doing some improvement on our home or property.  He is often out back changing irrigation water in the summer, while hitting tennis balls for the dogs. During the winter you’ll see him cutting our firewood, while once again, hitting tennis balls.  There is never anywhere he goes that there isn’t a small (or large) passel of adorable Golden Retrievers following behind him!  Cory very genuinely enjoys talking with all our customers, and is usually the voice you’ll get on the other end of the phone!  


Lauren Hailey

Meet Lauren!  You won’t catch her on the phone often, but she’s usually the one responding to Facebook messages and posts, as well as Instagram.  She finished nursing school in 2016, and works as a critical access RN at our local hospital.  Nursing school kept her away from home far more than she liked, and being home, on the farm with the kiddos and dogs again is wonderful!  Finding balance between the pull of a critical access hospital and a young family, and her love for taking care of the animals is tough but it works out….although crazily!  She loves being a RN and sharing compassion every day with the people she meets, but being the other half of our little Denzil’s farm is the other awesome part of her life!  Her favorite part of Denzil’s Goldens is the wonderful, amazing families she gets to meet every day….we have the best customers ever!

Grayson, Rhyder & Tenley Hailey

We have twin boys, Grayson and Rhyder, that are almost 8, and our daughter Tenley turned 4 on New Years Eve!  We met and got married after we each had a Ryder dog(Cory) and a Rhyder boy(Lauren).  Neither of them seem to mind sharing a name, and Rhyder boy says he likes it! Tenley came into our lives during Lauren’s first quarter of nursing school, unexpectedly, but it was the best blessing ever.  We finalized our adoption in April 2016.  God knew she was a missing puzzle piece to our family, and she fits in like she’s always been here.  The boys are very protective of their little sister.  She adores the dogs, and two of her first words were “baby puppies”.  She will probably greet you with a hug, and a statement of “Doncha know”…followed by a story about the puppies….And trust us…She knows everything!  Hah! Our children love the animals and being outside with them.  They are great helpers, and work very hard with us taking good care of all the animals!  We try very hard to teach our our children the understanding of what our animals give to us daily, and they work along side us, cleaning whelping boxes, filling food dishes, and freshening water bowls.  They are being taught respect for things big and small, and understand that our animals can’t always say when they are hungry, thirsty or need to go potty, so it is very important to take care of their needs, sometimes even before our own.  It has been a very neat thing to see their tiny little work ethic grow slowly, as they do.  Although most days it is more work to do it with them, we think it is worth it!  


We’d like to share some of our day to day life, and even a few special moments.  We are a large family, that is all involved in Denzil’s Goldens.  We are proud to see the love and care our children give the dogs and puppies, and the respect for animals, big and small it has instilled in them.  We very much enjoy all aspects of what a family business this is, and how SO many of our customers have become family.   As friends and family, we feel this is an important side of us to share.  <3