Our Denzil's Golden's Farm and Family.....

We are located in the heart of the beautiful Okanogan Valley in Washington State and raise AKC Golden Retrievers with excellent lineage and health. Our little Denzil’s farm is found on 5 acres that include immaculate kennels, lush green pasture(with friendly cows included…and usually a few pigs!) and our family home. We pride ourselves on raising family dogs with loving, amazing temperaments, perfect health and great looks. We are a large family of five, and are outside(and inside) with our pups and adult dogs all the time. Our dogs are truly part of our family, and you can be assured that any dog from our farm will be well socialized, as well as extremely well acclimated to children, and other animals. We have been breeding Golden Retrievers since 2002, and take great joy in continuing to better the breed through ensuring health clearances by always having fully health tested parents and excellent lineage in all our breeding dogs. All our pups come with a 3 year health guarantee, a starter bag of puppy food/treats, microchipped, first shots, fully wormed, a blanket that smells like mama and a puppy packet that includes tips and tricks for your first weeks home, along with all AKC information. Being able to provide families like ours with healthy, beautiful, mellow Golden Retrievers that will be loyal family members for many years to come is our greatest pleasure, and why we do what we do!

Our Story
From the time Cory was a child, and had his first Golden Retriever puppy named Paula, he was hooked.  Even as a child, he knew that raising these beautiful dogs was his calling.  Starting our breeding program with a dam named Sugar, it has taken many years of hard work, and dedication towards furthering the breed to reach where we are now, and we are so proud to be here.  Word of mouth has become a very important part of our business, and we couldn’t be more grateful to all of our customers that make us what we are today!

Healthy Dogs

We strive to continue producing genetically healthy family pets, and show quality dogs by doing final OFA Hip and Elbow clearances at 2 years old in all our sires and dams, as well as preliminaries at approx one year. PennHip certs are done in most cases, for the most accurate assessments, we are attempting to do PennHip in all our dogs as we feel it is most reliable in predicting long term hip health. We perform yearly OFA CAER clearances on our breeding males and females for the most appropriate assessments(must be updated yearly) as well as all our Goldens have passing OFA Cardiac clearances. To strive to hit the “gold standard” our goal is to have all our breeding males and females have their OFA cardiac clearances performed by a cardiologist. All dams and sires are screened for common genetic disorders found in Golden Retrievers. When available, our males and females will have thyroid results checked and published. We always publish negative health testing results with the OFA, etc, in the interest of integrity and honesty, which all ethical breeders should. We are working towards eliminating producing ichthyosis(carriers or affected) completely from our breeding program, however, after extensive research have very strongly adapted a mentality much like most of Europe. If you are not educated in ICT in Golden’s specifically(it is MUCH more mild in Goldens than other breeds) please research it, it is mild and usually gone by a year old. It is our feeling that it is not worth eliminating two extremely quality dogs from our breeding program, that produce stellar puppies due to ICT. This has created bottlenecking in the breed. Instead we have chosen to add ICT clear females to our program and work towards eliminating it slowly, while producing quality puppies. We do not have affected dogs in our breeding program.

Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is a crucial part of maintaining any dog’s healthy and happy lifestyle for many years. After trying about every premium dog food brand out there, we have chosen to feed our dogs Life’s Abundance Food. As large Golden pups grow, it is so important for them to have great nutrition to meet all their needs, so they mature into healthy adults that can be wonderful family members for years to come. We have researched above and beyond regarding the recent DCM crisis and feel confident in the ingredients in LA. No LA products have been involved in the FDA announcements regarding DCM, which is extremely reassuring.

AKC Registration

All of our puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration. One of our primary goals is to preserve the integrity and health of the breed, so we are very conservative in which pups are allowed full registration in their new homes, otherwise known as breeding rights. That being said, we determine full or limited registration on a case by case basis and are always open to considering it.

Reputable Breeder

We have a genuine passion and love for the animals we get to raise, care for, and find families for. This is not just a job for us, it is our way of life, a way to teach our children a work ethic and how to care for things smaller than them, and a way that so many wonderful people have became not just customers, but now good friends. We are beyond blown away that our business has been propelled by word of mouth for a number of years now. It is humbling, and never ceases to bring us to tears of thankfulness for all the people we have met along the way. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our Denzil’s Farms!