Our amazing Golden Retrievers are first, and foremost our family. Secondly, they are our passion, and a way for us to meet wonderful families daily. We love what we do, and think it shows in the puppies produced from our Denzil’s Farm. Our dogs have the best temperaments and looks you will find anywhere, and will be healthy, loyal members of your family for years to come.


Meet our amazing sire Ryder and our new addition we are very proud of Scout!…. as well as any visiting or up and coming studs.


We have a lovely bunch of beautiful, healthy girls – each with their own unique personality, looks and build.


We generally have puppies year round. Check out what litters are available now and up and coming!


 We are currently accepting limited ADVANCE deposits for:

Mia x Scout (European)

Rainee x Scout (1/2 European)

Libby x Scout (European)

Dia x Scout (European)

Chevelle x Visiting Stud (European, keeping 1st pick female! Guardian puppy, apply if interested!)

Ruby x Visiting Stud (American Golden)

Trixie x Visiting Stud(American Golden)

Roxy x Scout (1/2 European)

See each dog’s page for dates and more info as well as the “puppies” page. 

*Please note, deposits are limited on these litters and fill up very fast and some are close to full. We accept 4 male/4 female deposit spots prior to delivery. We have begun taking advance deposits as to be fair to the people that wait so long for a pup, and don’t want to miss out, so they can hold their place. 

We accept 4 male and 4 female deposits in advance of delivery of pups. Please see our Puppy Purchase Agreement as well as FAQ’s to get a clear idea of how that works. These litters are estimated to be born Fall/Winter 2020/2021, this is a running list we try hard to keep updating as to just give an idea of what is upcoming. We’ve began booking MUCH further out, due to the high demand for our pups(thank you for the overwhelming word of mouth….we have amazing customers…you are awesome!) Also, our deposit lists do fill up quickly in recent years, as we have found, so this is partially why we have started planning litters further out/accepting deposits further in advance. Please contact us through our website, through email, FB, or call/text for more detailed info and a better timeline or for more deposit information. Thank you!

Lastly, please note on our Payment page that our pricing has changed as of January, 2021.  All litters due to be born as of the first of year fall under that updated pricing.  Please plan accordingly. 

**All litters are AKC Limited Registration unless otherwise previously agreed upon with Denzil’s Goldens. Full Registration is on a case by case basis, and is given sparingly as to preserve the integrity of the breed, and on a contract with health testing stipulations. <3

Denzils Goldens is amazing!!!! Not only do they have the most beautiful dogs but you can tell they are well loved. They were amazing and so kind to our family during our process to get our puppy. Our puppy is so smart and so adorable. I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for the amazing service you guys provide. My son is overjoyed and I cannot wait to see our puppy in action after his training. I will recommend anyone that would like a puppy to Denzils Goldens for sure. Heidi Bush

Owner, Autism Service Dog "Buddy"

OMG!!!! I’m so thankful I found Denzils Goldens after searching and spending days looking at Golden retrievers breeders around the area I decided to go with this amazing family. Not only they have the best, beautiful looking puppies but you can tell they are all loved, healthy and super happy. Ryder (Dad) is so freaking handsome I swear he had this huge smile on his face he came to our car to welcome us to his home, Cory is very helpful and super nice and professional and caring like every breeder should be. I recommend this breeder hands down, if we ever want to get another Golden this is the place we will go. We absolutely love our baby.
Thank you so much Denzils Goldens!!!!
Flora Bunnell Remmers

Owner, Charlie

I Absolutely LOVE our Eva!! Denzils Goldens were SOOO kind and accommodating to us with wanting to meet and choose a puppy. They answered all our questions (even late night text messages). They made everything so easy. And not only is our golden beautiful, but she has just the right temperament and fits right into our family. I honestly was not a huge pet fan before her, but I can honestly say that I could not imagine our family without her now! I just love love LOVE her! I told my husband if we ever got another dog, no matter where we are, we would go back to Denzils Goldens! And I tell all our friends about them! Thank you so much for our beautiful new family member!! Bethany Wittnam

Owner, Eva