Roxy is a beautiful Daize Mae x Ryder baby that is all grown up now, and is ready to be expecting her first litter soon with Scout! This sweet girl has great health clearances and a wonderful temperament. Check out her page for details. We are currently accepting deposits for her Fall 2019 litter with Scout!


Skye will be expecting her final litter with Scout Fall 2019 before retirement in her perfect forever home with her oh so sweet baby Hazel.   Watch her page for updates on her next litter! We are currently accepting deposits on her and Scout’s final litter together.  Don’t miss out on this perfect pairing! 


Nova is a Gabby baby that was sired by Gunner from Cascade Mountain Goldens. She is the perfect combo of great lineage and beautiful health backing her, as well as great looks. We can’t wait to see this girl finish growing. Nova will be completing her health clearances in the early Fall of 2019 and then expecting her first American Golden litter early winter 2019 or 2020! Nova is Luna’s sister and lives with the sweetest miss Lydia as part of our Guardian program as the most loved doggo ever!


Libby is our full European gal that is up and coming!  All health clearances have been completed, she is expecting a litter with Scout due to be born this Fall 2019.  Watch her page for updates, or contact us to place a deposit. 


Chevelle is expecting what promises to be a gorgeous litter with King Titus the Gentle Ruler from Agape Goldens Fall 2019!  Titus is a light cream golden, blocky and gorgeous, we can’t wait to see these babies.  Check out her page for more info, or contact us to place a deposit! 


Poppy is our sweet girl, descended from Denzil’s Tiny Lady( who is now happily retired on a blueberry farm with one of her babies from her very last litter! <3) Poppy’s next litter with Scout is planned for winter 2020.   Watch her page for updates on breedings from our lovely girl.  

Daize Mae

Hailey’s Daize Mae is our very own Lucy’s daughter, and is a big, beautiful girl.  Check out Roxy’s page to see Daize’s gorgeous girl as well.   Woohoo, Daize Mae’s next litter with Ryder is on the way. American Golden puppies are expected in early winter 2019.    We are accepting deposits now, contact us for more info!


Trixie is a Lucy baby, that was sired by SkyRiver Golden’s Roger.  She is a beautiful red girl that looks a lot like her mama.  We are anxiously anticipating an American Golden litter from the sweet Trixie in late Fall/early Winter 2019 after completion of health clearances!  She’s living her best life as a treasured family pet with the Kurle family as part of our Guardian Program. Contact us for more info or to place a deposit! 


Mia is imported from Croatia, from wonderful championship lines.  We are super excited for her first litter, due in November, with Jack from Sweet Cream Goldens.  Jack is also imported from Europe, with Championship lineage.  They will be European Goldens (Full English Creams).  Please contact us to place a deposit on this amazing pairing! <3


Dia is our beautiful full English Cream girl that is from wonderful championship lines, imported from Croatia. We are super excited for her litter with Scout, that we are anticipating to be born in early December!  They will be beautiful full European Goldens (Full English Cream).  We are accepting limited deposits now, contact us for more info! <3


Dolly is a beautiful American Golden from Hailey’s Goldens that has been bred with Scout!  They are expecting a 1/2 English Cream litter, due to be born in mid November.  We are SUPER excited for these beautiful puppies.  Both dam and sire are amazing retrievers with incredible temperaments.  We are currently accepting limited deposits on this awesome pairing.  <3