Looking for a slightly older Golden?  

Occasionally, we have one of our sweet, well trained female Goldens that comes available for adoption.  They can range in age from 1-5 years old and anywhere from $200-$2300 depending on the reason they are being re-homed, and if they’ve been bred or not, which health clearances they have, if they passed them(sometimes a pup won’t pass an eye clearance, etc, and will be a wonderful family pet, but we can’t ethically breed her), or even a younger puppy depending on the situation.  We occasionally have a puppy(male or female) that fails in their “first home” for usually no fault of their own that we are able to ethically re-home.

If you’d like to be added to a contact list, please click HERE and fill out this form!

We will contact you when we have an adoptable female (or male if you specify) available! 

Please know, it may be months, or longer, there is no guarantee when a pup will be available, as well as we do re-home based off of the absolute best home for the dog’s needs, not first come first serve.  Thank you for your understanding! <3

Click HERE to be contacted when we have an adoptable female, or male available!