Denzil’s There’s No Place Like Home



Temperament: Super fast girl, very agile.  Just like her daddy Scout, she jumps so high with zero effort. Loves to play ball, and socialize in our pasture with the other doggies.  It is hilarious to watch her swim in our cow troughs 3/4 seasons out of the year, she jumps in, paddles in circles for a few minutes and hops right on out.  We’ve seen other dogs jump in, but she’s the first to circle like our very own Golden Duck.  Haha. Very sweet and loving personality, just like her mama that we raised(and grandmother).  Awesome with our kiddos!

Appearance: American Golden.  Straighter coat, light golden.

Weight: 60 lbs

Health: Pending.

K-9 Data:  See Emmy’s page HERE! 

Born: Decemeber 17th, 2019

 *Emmy will be entering our breeding program pending all breed appropriate health clearances when she is old enough.