Denzil’s Here Comes The Sun

**Trixie will be expecting a full American Golden litter her next heat cycle, Fall 2020 that we are accepting deposits on!  We anticipate breeding to take place in November 2020  w/ puppies going home in Feb or March 2021 depending on breeding dates.   Please check the main website page HERE to see all upcoming litters, including Trixie’s! CONTACT US for more info or to place a deposit on this litter.  We will be announcing the sire of the litter as soon as we select the perfect American Golden Stud! (He will be fully health tested, with an exemplary temperament as always.) 


  • Temperament: Trixie is a super fun, playful girl!  She is slightly higher energy than some of our other females, but that is paired with her VERY smart personality and great hunting/field dog lineage.  She absolutely loves to cuddle and is calm and snuggly on her fave humans laps.  Trixie is a character and enjoys “talking” and groans at you when she “thinks” she’s not getting enough attention or pets.


  • Side note…We always pick our “keeper” puppies for their temperament of course, but it didn’t hurt that Trixie is a Lucy puppy (Denzil’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds), and she was born with a beautiful teeny white “diamond” on her forehead.  She was our family’s favorite from the get go.  <3 . Trixie is a Lucy/ Roger offspring we specifically bred to add to our breeding program.  Roger is “Sky River 10-4 Big Buddy and a gorgeous red guy with a ton of natural ability that has made him an easily titled field dog.  See pics of both parents below….Newly added side note….she just welcomed her first litter and every single adorable puppy had that sweet teeny white star.  We all were enamored.  


  • Appearance: American Golden. Trixie is a lovely red with a gorgeous SOFT wavy coat.  Bigger girl, working on a solid 70lbs. 


  • Health: OFA Hips Good(Prelim), OFA Elbows Normal(Prelim) , OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA CAER Pending(Dam and Sire Certified), PRA 1 and 2 Clear, PRA-prcd Clear, DM Clear, ICT Clear, NCL Clear.  Sire and Dam w/ complete health certs.   


  • Born May 14th, 2018 .