“Denzil’s Greatest Test Of Love”

Health Info:                                              Born 10/29/2019
OFA Hips-

OFA Elbows-

OFA Cardiac-


Genetics- Clear by Parentage.

About our girl<3:

Shiloh is a beautiful Daize Mae x Ryder baby, and Lady’s sister.  We love how she’s grown, she has turned into the perfect combo of both her parents.  Shiloh is the sweetest girl, with a little bit of curl to her coat, just like her mama.  She loves the water, and is blessed to get lots of access to it with her awesome Guardian family.  Shiloh lives with the Guske family, and is a treasured family member.  We are thankful we get to continue her lines in our breeding program, while she lives in her forever home.  





-American Golden

-Curly and full medium-dark coat  

-75 lbs


*Shiloh will be expecting her first litter in 2021, pending health clearances.  Please check the main website page HERE to see all upcoming litters, including Shiloh’s! CONTACT US for more info or to place a deposit.*