Denzil’s 69 Chevelle Super Sport

Temperament: Chevelle is our girl that is never in your face, yet always perfectly by your side.  First one back with the tennis ball, yet happy to quickly release it and silently wait for it to be thrown again. Content to be next to you, not demanding attention, but quietly loyal. Confident, yet not pushy.  Her personality has evolved into an amazingly beautiful sweet girl, we are so very proud of.  She is sure of herself in a regal way, that is just lovely to watch!
Appearance: European Golden.  Beautifully blocky in the face.  Slightly straighter coat, but nice and full. 65 lbs.
Health:  OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA CAER Clear, PRA 1 and 2 Clear, PRA-prcd Clear, DM Clear, ICT carrier. CHIC Certified.
K-9 Data:  See Chevelle’s page HERE!
Born: October 11th, 2016
**Chevelle is planning a litter this Fall, 2019!  We are super excited for what we expect to be a beautiful pairing, and are now accepting deposits.  Please contact us for more info, and to place a deposit.