Denzil’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Temperament: Rainee has been so fun to watch grow!  She’s one of our favorite girls, very energetic and loves to retrieve, however calm and loving as soon as she’s in the house or by your side.  Her eyes look right into you, and she is simply just full of that beautiful golden love that makes her so very special.  

Appearance: American Golden.  70 lbs, a bigger female, thick slightly wavy, VERY soft light golden coat.  70lbs.  Beautiful eyes and black nose.  

Health:  OFA hips Fair(Prelim), OFA normal elbows (prelim) OFA Cardiac Normal,  OFA CAER Normal(Tested Yearly) , PRA 1 and 2 Clear, PRA-prcd Clear, DM Clear, ICT Carrier, NCL Clear.  Sire fully health tested w/ OFA excellent hips.


** Rainee will be expecting a litter sometime this summer 2020, into the fall, depending on her heat cycle!  Her last heat cycle was something we call a “split” heat, so we are a little lost on when to expect the next one.  Her litter will be with Scout, and we are accepting deposits.  The puppies could go home as late as Feb 2021.