Gabby is planning for her final litter before retirement, due to go to their forever homes in October or November!  Gabby has been the picture perfect Golden Girl, in terms of health and temperament as well as looks and we cannot wait to keep a puppy!  We are very excited that one of our favorite kennels has agreed to the breeding, Cascade Mountain Goldens! Dale and Sharon have been longtime friends of ours, and are wonderful breeders.  We cannot wait to see the puppies that Gabby and Gunner produce!  Gunner has wonderful lineage and is fully health tested. Keep an eye out for more details!


Skye’s recent litter with Scout is all spoken for!  Watch her page for updates on her next litter!


Lucy’s recent litter with Roger is all spoken for!  We have kept a beautiful red girl to add to our breeding program, who was our first guardian home placement.  Watch for a new page for this sweet girl, and updates! Lucy is now retired, and happy as can be!


Libby is our full English Cream gal that is up and coming!  All health clearances have been completed, watch her page for updates as we plan for a full English Cream litter sometime this fall or winter!


Rogue is expecting a full American Golden litter with Ryder, due to be born in July!  All deposits are full, however, there may be some availability once pups are born and we see how many males/females we have! <3 . Stay tuned!


Chevelle’s English Cream litter with Jack is all spoken for!  The babies were the cutest little polar bears ever!  Keep watching her page for updates on her next litter!


Poppy is our sweet girl, descended from Denzil’s Tiny Lady( who is now happily retired on a blueberry farm with one of her babies from her very last litter! <3) Poppy’s litter with Scout is all spoken for.  Watch her page for updates on her next litter with Scout!  <3

Daize Mae

Hailey’s Daize Mae is our very own Lucy’s daughter, and is a big, beautiful girl. Her first litter with Ryder is all spoken for, however we are looking forward to the next pairing, sometime this late fall.  We are also looking forward to adding a puppy to our breeding program from this pairing, check out our guardian program page….hint hint 😉


Chopaka is our full English Cream sweetness that is right around 11 months that is our 2nd up and coming girl.  She is just a love!  Follow her page for updates as we complete her health clearances and plan for future breedings.


Glory is our full English Cream that is expecting her final litter with Ryder( 1/2 English Cream) before retiring this fall.  The puppies should going home around November.  Glory is currently in the most perfect forever home ever/guardianship….her pawrents came to buy a puppy a few years ago and fell in love with her, so it was just common sense that they took her a little early when it was time to retire her.  She was meant to be theirs, and she will be returning to whelp her final litter.  Sometimes life works just how it is supposed to!  We are currently accepting deposits on this litter, because it has been highly anticipated, and will be Glory’s final litter, as well as possibly one of Ryder’s.  I didn’t cry when I typed that….well only a little.  🙁 Please contact us for more info.


Mia is imported from Croatia, from wonderful championship lines.  We are very excited for her first litter this fall, a full English Cream litter!  Watch her page for updates!


Dia is our beautiful full English Cream girl that is from wonderful championship lines, imported from Croatia.  Her current litter with Ryder is all spoken for.  Watch her page for updates, for her next litter late this fall!