Gabby’s final litter is all spoken for, and her retirement home is all lined up.  We are so excited for the PERFECT home for her, although it is hard to say goodbye, it isn’t forever, as we look forward to occasional visits and hopefully lots of pics in the future.  We also are placing TWO beautiful Gabby puppies in Guardian Homes, one that is TBA, and one with the sweetest little family ever, the Moore family…..we love them!  She gets to go live with big fur sis Molly, and three human siblings….life is gonna be GOOD!  <3


Skye’s recent litter with Scout is all spoken for!  Watch her page for updates on her next litter!


Lucy’s recent litter with Roger is all spoken for!  We have kept a beautiful red girl to add to our breeding program, who was our first guardian home placement.  Watch for a new page for this sweet girl, and updates! Lucy is now retired, and happy as can be!  She is definitely living her best life….we miss her, but are so thankful for the love she’s bringing to her new owner and vice versa!  Trixie is Lucy’s sweet little girl, living with the awesome Kurle family….we can’t wait to see her grow!


Libby is our full English Cream gal that is up and coming!  All health clearances have been completed, she is expecting a litter with Ryder due to be born this December!


Rogue is expecting a full American Golden litter with Ryder, due to be born in July!  All deposits are full, however, there may be some availability once pups are born and we see how many males/females we have! <3 . Stay tuned!


Chevelle’s English Cream litter with Jack is all spoken for!  The babies were the cutest little polar bears ever!  Keep watching her page for updates on her next litter!


Poppy is our sweet girl, descended from Denzil’s Tiny Lady( who is now happily retired on a blueberry farm with one of her babies from her very last litter! <3) Poppy’s next litter with Scout is on the way, woohoo!  Puppies are due to be born in November, approx the 15th!  We are now accepting deposits!

Daize Mae

Hailey’s Daize Mae is our very own Lucy’s daughter, and is a big, beautiful girl.  We are also looking forward to adding a puppy to our breeding program from this pairing, check out our guardian program page….hint hint 😉 . Woohoo, Daize Mae’s next litter with Ryder is almost on the way….we expect a breeding any day!  Puppies should be born in early December!  We are accepting deposits now, contact us for more info!


Chopaka is our full English Cream sweetness that is just over a year old.  We had completed her genetic, heart and eye health clearances early on in her life, passing with flying colors, and sadly we just found out she did not pass her hip and elbow clearances.  Very unexpected as she has stellar parents.  We are SO sad.  Chopaka will be searching for the PERFECT retirement home! <3


Glory’s final litter with Ryder is all spoken for, and she will be returning to her amazing Guardian Home, now for what is forever.  However, we love them, and we won’t let them not visit or vice versa….They are kind of the best!  She gets to go live with her furry sister who is a Tiny/Ryder baby and human brother Ollie as well….She is going to live the good life! <3


Mia is imported from Croatia, from wonderful championship lines.  We are super excited for her first litter, due in November, with Jack from Sweet Cream Goldens.  Jack is also imported from Europe, with Championship lineage.  They will be European Goldens (Full English Creams).  Please contact us to place a deposit on this amazing pairing! <3


Dia is our beautiful full English Cream girl that is from wonderful championship lines, imported from Croatia. We are super excited for her litter with Scout, that we are anticipating to be born in early December!  They will be beautiful full European Goldens (Full English Cream).  We are accepting limited deposits now, contact us for more info! <3


Dolly is a beautiful American Golden from Hailey’s Goldens that has been bred with Scout!  They are expecting a 1/2 English Cream litter, due to be born in mid November.  We are SUPER excited for these beautiful puppies.  Both dam and sire are amazing retrievers with incredible temperaments.  We are currently accepting limited deposits on this awesome pairing.  <3