Denzil’s Chopaka Skookum


Temperament: Chopaka is named after the resort on nearby Palmer lake that Lauren’s grandparent’s built from what was a bare piece of sage brush filled land many years ago now.  Depending on what you want to say skookum means, you can say it means brave, strong, or good, and we really appreciated that word.   However, once again, my grandpa said that word all time to me growing up, and we thought we could appreciate our little miss Chopaka growing up to be strong and good, and producing some beautiful pups that would also be the same for some wonderful families.  Regarding this sweet girl though, she is quiet most often, steadily by your side, and isn’t the first one to the ball.  She fits the temperament of what we say of many of our English Creams and is very mellow.  Her very most favorite place to be is by your side, and if she could lay in your arms and love you forever, she would.  Loyal, would be my word to describe this girl.  

Appearance: Full English Cream.  70 lbs, stocky, thick wavy gorgeous coat, very white, boardering on curly.  Nice blocky face.   

Health:  OFA hips and elbows pending,  OFA Cardiac Prelim Normal,  OFA CAER Clear , PRA 1 and 2 Clear, PRA-prcd Clear, DM Clear, ICT Carrier.  

Born:  June 29th, 2017  

** Chopaka has grown so fast, it is hard to believe!  This beautiful girl has matured so quickly, and will be expecting a beautiful English Cream litter late winter depending on her heat cycle.  Stay tuned!